Sculpture Video

Video of JDRF Collaborative Sculpture ~video created by Luis Peon Casanova


Patty Duke Tribute


Omaha Classic Film event at Joslyn Museum. Collaborative sculpture created with Anne Nye to celebrate Patty Duke, and her many contributions as an activist and actress.

Arizona- Chamber of Commerce


Celebrating the heart of a community, and reconciliation.  Collaborative mural installation spans eighty foot wall, and invites the community to engage with the local government and arts.  Design inspired by local Hopi Native American Tribe

48 Stars


One man's journey across the country interviewing veterans from WWII.  With an antique flag and a camera, Concannon interviews soldiers.  Sculpture created exemplifying the heart of the film- to be auctioned for funding of the project.

Airplane! Featuring Robert Hayes


Omaha Classic Film event at Joslyn Museum to benefit Nebraska Kidney Association.  Sculpture created- artist's interpretation of iconic poster.  All proceeds go to Nebraska Kidney Association.  Signed by Robert Hayes.

Rapp County Park Mammoth Installation


An entire community gets involved with the manufacturing and installation of a 20 foot life size mammoth sculpture installation at Rapp County Park- where a mammoth was uncovered in 1990.  Local non-profits will have children's classes on stewardship of the land, conservation, and mock archaeological digs.

JDRF Collaborative Fundraising Sculpture


Collaborative sculpture with 17 youth affected by T1D.  Sculpture presented and auctioned at JDRF Annual Gala in Philadelphia.  All proceeds donated for researching.


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