Public Installations


Coolidge Chamber Of Commerce

Coolidge, Arizona 2016

Exterior of Chamber of Commerce Building

fourty foot wall installation collaboration with Anne Nye, kilned glass, and Mindy Mortez, Kilned glass and paint.   Seeds fall from the sunflower, and morph into hummingbirds which fly across the entire exterior wall, and around the corner, only to return to the flower like the prodigal son.  The Hummingbird has great meaning in the local Native American culture, including reconciliation.  


Morrissey Engineering

Morrissey Engineering Firm in Omaha, Nebraksa

Thirteen foor exterior sculpture emulating their "Green" focus on corporate and industrial environmentally conscious designs.

Glass rotates on verticle axis, and sculpture is internally lit with color changing LED lights.


Rapp County Park Memorial Garden

Rapp County Park in Page County, Iowa

Eleven foot butterflies were designed in rememberance of Jennifer Spencer Stephens.  Jennifer taught science, and one of her great joys was introducing students to the monarch butterfly. The program she developed  is one of her many legacies.  



2020 Norfolk Nebraska Artwalk

public installation

2019 Mankato Minnesota Art Walk

public installation

2018 UnSculptured Project Council Bluffs, Iowa

#unlikeanywhereelse competition for public installation

2017 Teaching Residency AVC in Arizona

Developing metal sculpture classes, training educators, setting up Welded Sculpture Program at Artisan Village of Coolidge in Arizona

2016 Public Installation Woodbine, Iowa

Art Trail by the Rail 2016 Competition Winner

Permanent Public Installation