This contest encourages visual arts for youth as well as communication with family & friends through the voting process. ❤ Encouraging Skype, messaging, phone calls between the youth and extended family and friends will break down quarantine walls.  Social Distancing is not emotional distancing.

Contest Rules

Additional Information

Contest open to K-8 in the Lower 48 States

Voting through Google via email or social media- how ever your family connects to one another

Facebook Hosting provided by ArtPop Omaha  

Youth Sculpture Contest: Design your own Sculpture

Step 1: Imagine you are a sculptor and can create anything out of 

            metal. What would you make?

Step 2: Make a list of your ideas.

Step 3: Sketch your ideas on a piece of paper

Step 4: Select your favorite sketch

Step 5: Using paper, clay, play-dough, craft sticks, cardboard, paper 

            mache, or even contents in your recyclables... build your sculpture

Step 6: Video or photograph sculpture. Ask an adult to submit your entry to with your:

First Name:






Mailing Address: 

Competition lasts two weeks.  Entries due 5 pm on 

Friday April 24th

Friday May 1st

Friday May 15th

Friday May 29th

Step 7: You will receive an email with all the entries.  Please ask your family and close friends to vote

***WINNER** will have her or his sculpture built in metal and sent 

              directly by mail.

No limit on submissions per week


Lower 48 States Entries only, please

Questions? Contact Susan Woodford at


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