Susan in the Raw~ Contemporary Artist


Autobiographical Sculptor

Figurative sculptures are created with personal castings because the sculptures are inherently autobiographical.  During this third phase of feminism it's important to discuss what it is like to be a woman.  While we may have been taught we can do anything, it is important to teach the next generation that they do not have to do everything.  


Large Exterior Sculpture

I execute every step of my process.  From stock steel I plasma cut, form, weld, grind, and finish out each sculpture, myself.  I neither hire fabricators nor subcontract processes. Each sculpture I create teaches me a new unique lesson, and informs the next piece.  I grow as a designer and fabricator with the construction of each unique sculpture, which propels my design ideas and execution abilities.


As an Educator

My purpose in life is to help others see, feel and heal through art. Helping others find healing in their own creative process is only a part of my curriculum.  Group discussions are designed for every class.  As an instructor I teach process, propose ideas, listen/mediate, and watch the individual & collective beauty of those around me.   

UnSculptured Project

#unlikeanywhereelse Council Bluffs, Iowa has rebranded the historic city #unleashcb; and hired ten artists to create "map pin" sculptures to be placed at tourist attractions throughout the city.  Woodford was chosen as one of the first sculptors for this community campaign.

Welcome to picturesque Southwest Iowa where my main working studio is located.   At Farm is a multi-disciplinary studio with community outreach programs, classes, workshops, visiting instructors, and sculpture garden.

Collaborative Show with Illuminist Kent Hertz

Hot Shops Show in Omaha, Nebraska debuting collaborations created by Woodford & Illumist Kent Hertz. 


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