Susan in the Raw~ Contemporary Artist

Autobiographical Sculptor

I use molds of my own body to create my figurative sculptures because they are inherently autobiographical.  I enjoy watching as my views, sculpture series, and body changes.  I feel like a butterfly who is now transforming into a bird.  Constant states of metamorphosis perpetuate momentum and fuel my passion for design evolution.

Build Bigger. No... BIGGER

I love/hate creating large exterior sculpture.  Creating organic form from unyielding, stronger than me, larger than me material often feels like I am struggling for survival.  I leave the studio feeling broken, but I am not.  Nights, I will melt into bed feeling as though my body has suffered defeat in a great war, but it has not.  The discouraging bruises, burns, cuts, and tears do not stop me. I have strength, endurance, and perseverance of a warrior.  That is when I know- we are all warriors.  If I can do it, so can you.

As an Educator

My purpose in life is to help others see, feel and heal through art.  This was prophesied to me.  How many of us ever get to know the purpose of our lives?  I feel truly blessed, and loved, to have such a great gift bestowed upon me.  Of course the responsibility is to not only create, but also to help others find healing in their own creative process.  Many of my sculptures as well as classes are designed for the purpose of healing and introspection. I am constantly continuing my education so I can pay it forward.

Suzi Sculptor Says...

Life under the hood~ as seen through the eyes of a female contemporary artists

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