Art Class

Intro to Welded Sculpture 101's

Art Classes Include:

*Oxygen & Acetylene Introduction

*Patina & Finish Exploration

*Repousse & Chasing 

*Plasma Cutting & Texturizing

*Mold Casting

Cancer Survivor Groups

Group projects in metal and glass promoting team efforts and multiple disciplines.  Collaboration and communication building

Veterans Healing with Fire

Group projects designed for public installation.  Multi-media designs utilize talents and knowledge of participants.

Mindful Meditation & Creation

Creating with fire, breath, and unintentional intention.  The art of creating for creation's sake.

Mommy & Me Building

Saturday Morning Classes designed for all ages.  One parent per child is recommended, but not always necessary.

Corporate Team Building

Collaborative design and execution lead groups to listen, hear, and lead one another.  The final sculpture is a conglomerate developed by the team.


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